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Bored by misrepresentations of Marxism

August 11, 2013

It’s hard to find a concise summary of Marxism that makes any sense. I’ve seen two things that promised to summarize marxism, but which then went on to describe the life of Karl Marx. (Rather like discussing Newton’s theory of gravity by talking about what his favorite foods were when he was a toddler. Did he notice the apple fall because he really liked apples? Something to ponder.) Other summaries do really talk about some Marxist ideas, but then leave out crucial connecting ideas, so that you’re left feeling that it was all rather mystical. Ironic, because Marx was being as coldly materialistic as you can get.

Here’s Marxism, then, as I understand it, without any mumbo jumbo.

People can be divided roughly into two classes. There are people who survive by earning a wage; these we can call ‘workers,’ or ‘the working class.’ Then there are people who live off of their investments. This second group owns businesses, and they earn profits from those businesses. The second group can be called capitalists


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